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Smart Agriculture Drone DX10 N1

Droxo Tech new products in 2021! According to the professional opinions of farmers, we add quick removal of battery and tank. The plug-in tank and vertical battery are adopted, it can replace tank and battery quickly. We still retain the characteristics of DX10: It is also IP55 waterproof, high-strength, lightweight and easy to maintain. In addition, the power system is developed by our professional R&D team after large number of field spray test, high altitude drop drop test (HADT) and destructive test, referring to the advantages and disadvantages of many agriculture drones on the market. Thus, its performance is optimized to meet the actual farming needs and precise pesticide application.
-Liquid Tank:6L
-Cruise duration:20mins (16000mAh
battery) No-load flight
-Spraying efficiency: 6mins
-Operating speed: Increases 30x
-Pesticide use: Reduces 50%

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