Product Info

MAKAR, a XR builder no-code platform for educators.

1. MAKAR self-made AR/VR platform support WINDOWS, OS X.
2. MAKAR APP support mobile devices with Android 4.4 above, iOS 8 above, web XR, embedded SDK, and AR/VR/MR googles.
3. Innovative wisdom modular editing tool for applications: Combined modules and user experience, the innovative development AR/VR editing system create a wide range option of editing mode and immediately return to the mobile device to see the results, so that content experts could quickly experience the interactive effect through the platform.
3.1. Any image file upload, can perform graphic analysis and image recognition..
3.2. Can upload any movies, YouTube, 3D model, any flat picture.
3.3. Can control the objects: make phone calls, google map positioning, send e-mail, any web connection, 3D action editing.
3.4. Can made UI interface and a variety of AR camera frames, set cards, scratch cards, a variety of marketing games.

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