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Professional Agriculture Drone DX16

Advanced equipment Millimeter wave radar!
Realize real-time all-terrain flight adjustment, maintaining an appropriate altitude above the water surface.
Smart spreading & Double large-diameter inlets:Unlike uneven manual distribution, auto spreading system makes operation more efficient and precise. The front and rear two large-diameter clamshell-design inlets enable tank filling without a funnel, greatly improving efficiency.
The drone is able to carry 22 kg of fish feed, suitable for feed distribution of outdoor aquaculture. It costs only 1 to 2 operators about 1 hour to finish filling the tank with feed and the distribution over 1 ha of a fish farm; the time and manpower are greatly saved compared with the traditional feeding by boat.
-Liquid Tank:16L
-Cruise duration:20 mins (22000mAh/1battery)
-Spraying efficiency: 5 mins
-Operating speed:30 times
-Pesticide:Reduce by more than 50%

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