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5G Smart Tourism In Yilan City

With the plan for Ministry of Economic Affairs, LEO promote 160 tourism industries in the Yilan City. Established 5G environment and introduced six 5G innovative application services, realize the vision of "Smart Travel in Lanyang". The six introduced 5G innovative application services are as follows:
1.AI Clerk: AI automatically responds, providing more immediate customer service.
2.APP Activity Promotion: Various and diversified promotion content, creating more in-depth, accurate and effective technology marketing.
3.Online Live Broadcast: Online real-time digital interaction, delivering more information and real appearance of products.
4.Bonus Points Mall: Introduce digital payment and point exchange services, increase customer consumption and repurchase rate.
5.VR Tour Guide: Free from time and space constraints, wrap you up in the experience.
6.Travel DIY: Provide 4 types of travel themes, help tourist customize there trip according to there preferences.

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