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5G Telehealth Applications

Medical Center wanted its collaboration with LEOSYS to construct Demo sites for IoMT-connected devices and Telehealth, by establishing a quality 5G internet environment, and developing AIoT based on 5G vertical applications like:
● Virtual Health Visits/Telehealth and Mobile Health Care
It offers patients an additional option to consult with their Phys. which immediately monitor data and Medical AI for Diagnosis which connect with a Dr. or NP.
It’s not only provides clients with constant support from a medical team, but also reduces the time costs associated with traveling to hospital by 5G wireless transmission in real time.
● Smart Home Nursing Care
The IoMT makes an infra of connected medical devices and system powered by 5G wireless which connected devices to process data closer to where It’s created.
Such as, Precautions at home after CHD and cardiac catheterization exam. and treatment. It’s important to measure and record vital signs in PHR as Portable ECG Monitoring.

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