Product Info

Einthoven Health Sensation System

Einthoven is a product that can be used to measure continuous data (i.e. heart rate), and it has the features to monitor patients' data and display it on an electrocardiogram. One of the greatest features of Einthoven is that it has the alarm to remind patients if any urgent situation happens.
Two major parts are composed in Einthoven including its sensors and the host. The Einthoven sensor can be attached to the human's left chest and as there is a micro-chip inside the product. When patients apply Einthoven, it can transmit the data to iOS devices via Bluetooth technology. Once the data is sent to the iOS devices, the data will be preserved on the iOS devices. Furthermore, the users (or patients) can decide whether they want to upload the data to the database manually or not. Einthoven can be used at the home, office, or any medical center according to users' needs.

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