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CurieJet® Wearable Silent Blood Pressure Monitor Module

MicroJet Technology has designed the world’s smallest & silent blood pressure monitor modules B01 & B02 for bracelet or smartwatch to built-in and works as a wearable blood pressure monitor. With our unique world-leading patented technology, people can monitor their blood pressure anywhere and anytime for your health.

B01 blood pressure monitor modules integrate our CurieJet® customized Air Pump, pressure sensor and microcontroller. It uses air pump linear air inflation in the wrist-band cuff to pressurize arterial blood. It gets the oscillometric signal, Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP), Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP) and heart rate can be determined by oscillometric method from Microcontroller. All models have extremely tiny size and UART/IIC communication interface. Upon request, we can also design B02 blood pressure monitor module that integrate BLE Bluetooth but not supporting display on the device.

Developers may license our blood pressure monitoring algorithm firmware version

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