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Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological monitoring Technology(nFOPT®)and Smart Care System

Huijia Health with patented core technology- Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology (nFOPT®) and Smart Care System using the principle of total reflection of optical fiber, there is no electromagnetic field change (no electromagnetic wave) in each action. It is a high-sensitivity and high-accuracy physiological sensor that can monitor changes in physiological activities such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep analysis, and activity status. Product applications include smart (bed) films, smart beds, smart wheelchair cushions, smart assistive devices, smart care system for taking care a lot of elders and babies at the same time, etc. The technology won 2021 Go Smart Award Finalist, 2019 ECI Awards, 2017 R&D 100 Awards, 2017 Medical Quality Awards, 2016 APICTA Awards. The technology has been developed for over 8 years, and has been adopted by more than 300 baby and elderly care centers and over 50,000 people used it.

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