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AIFS/Medical Imaging: AI analytic platform for Radiologists

AIFS/Medical Imaging is a medical image analytic platform delicately designed for radiologists and the related medical workers for medical image viewing, labelling, AI modeling and radiomics analysis with friendly user-interface. It adopts a standard DICOM transmission protocol to facilitate image import/export between the institute’s PACS and AIFS/Medical Imaging. Within AIFS/Medical Imaging, users can load image sets to perform manual labelling for classification, object detection and segmentation tasks, AIAA (using AI to Assist Annotation tasks and followed by expert’s adjustment), and interactive AI annotation (AI guesses the user’s intention and interactively accelerates the labelling process). The labelled image data can seamlessly dispatch to the AI trainer equipping with the AutoML (automated Machine Learning) to train or update the AI model. The trained AI model can be used for AIAA in the aforementioned labelling scenario or deploy to an edge as a solely inference use-case.

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