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SecBuzzer ESM (Enterprise Security Management)

Cybersecurity Technology Institute (CSTI) developed SecBuzzer ESM(Enterprise Security Management) platform to reach active cybersecurity defense concept.
SecBuzzer ESM is not only fully compliant with Taiwan Cyber Security Management Act but also promote the cybersecurity industry.
For example, SecBuzzer ESM cooperate with the variable domains of industry to reduce the cost of cybersecurity operation, and build up cybersecurity joint defense system.
Continuous Monitoring: Real-time display of the status of security monitor.
Early Warning:Real-time detection of the latest vulnerabilities, timely detecting the malicious threats.
Quick Response:Precisely report abnormal behaviors and rapid notification of potential threats.
The importance of cybersecurity detection for an enterprise is that Secbuzzer ESM can mitigate the vulnerabilities of internal systems. Meanwhile, it ensures that the security management mechanisms of outsourcing businesses are well-protected.

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