Product Info

E-Bus LKA/FCW ADAS Systems

Hardware Specification
1.Operating Voltage: 9 – 36V
2.Nominal Voltage: 24V
3.Operating Temperature: -30℃~75℃
4.Storage Temperature: -40℃~85℃
5.Interface: CAN Bus 2.0B, RS232, GPIOs

Application Specification
1. Front ADAS: With a single horizontal FOV of 52 degrees and a lens resolution of 720p (1280*720), it is installed on a windshield with a height of 1.3 meters.
It can stably detect objects with a pixel size (inclusive) of 20*20 (width*height) (within 125 meters for cars and carts, within 100 meters for locomotives, and within 50 meters for pedestrians).
2. Lane line detection can effectively detect within 125 meters, and detect more than four lane lines at the same time to judge three lanes (self-vehicle cruising lane, left lane and right lane), and the lane radius curvature > 125 meters

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