Product Info

SDC4880B Industrial I/O Control PCIe Card

Board Level:
Designed to meet PCI Express Base Specification Revision 2.1.
With high reliable SUNIX QiuNiu UART Digital-I/O controller.
Plug-n-Play, I/O address and IRQ assigned by system.
Ultra low power consumption (<1.5W) design for green environment and industrial application.
High quality electronic components, low impedance and high stability ensure product quality and reliability.
Support Microsoft Windows 10 with C and C# programming language sample code.
Capable of engaging with EdgeX device C SDK for EdgeX service development.
Support Node-RED serial and Modbus communication module.
Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and Microsoft approvals.
Support both standard and Low profile bracket design to meet various of PC chassis.

Serial Communication:
Expands internal two (2) ports RS-232/422/485 and external two (2) ports RS-232/422/485.
Utilize 16C950 UART and on-chip 128-bytes hardware FIFO for reliable, high-speed serial communication.
RS-232/422/485 interface and 120Ω terminal resistor configured by software.
On-chip patented AHDC/CS hardware auto flow control to guarantee no data loss.
2KV surge protection for all serial signals meets IEC-61000-4-5.

Digital I/O Communication:
Expands isolated eight (8) digital input channels with features for all channels.
Support both NPN & PNP devices
Support both dry and wet contact connections
With digital filter for noise reduction
Built-in 32-bit counter for all digital in channels
Expands isolated eight (8) NPN type digital output channels with initial value (Booting & Restart) protection.
Each channel built-in 2.5KV isolation protection for signal and power, allowing the input signals to be completely floated so as to prevent ground loops.

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