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Pen Testing

Pen Testing
A real-world security exploitation service for vehicles

Many industries today are vulnerable to cyberattacks, and the automotive industry is no exception. To improve automotive cybersecurity, VicOne offers Pen Testing Services that provide deep assessment of an entire vehicle and consider security risks from existing threats and zero-day exploits. By leveraging the automotive cloud analysis platform, techniques from the attack mapping, and our expertise in cybersecurity, these services deliver the latest risk status and provide fixes or migration recommendations.

How Pen Testing Works
Pen Testing Services have a target range that can accommodate hardware, software, firmware, document data, and even an entire vehicle. These services include a risk assessment report, a migration plan suggestion, and a Q&A with a pen testing expert at the end of the process.

Pen Testing Integration
After conducting the penetration testing, our experts will provide the results for an understanding of the potential impact of the vulnerability risk. This threat knowledge will then be included into VSOC Platform and an IDPS Virtual Patch can be created to mitigate this risk.

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