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MAG Trident S Gaming Desktop

A New Breed of Gaming Desktop – MAG Trident S

MSI launched a new MAG gaming desktop that focuses on allowing gamers to play cloud games with a game controller in the living room. Through the MSI exclusive Game Stadium, gamers can use the joystick to play games or access entertainment software in Windows. Its low-key and stylish compact size can be integrated into various usage scenarios, allowing gamers to enjoy more without compromise.

Low-key and slender styling is integrated with classic architectural design aesthetics

This gaming desktop is inspired by the geometric shape of buildings, using extended, staggered, and stacked lines to reproduce the upward extension of classical architecture. This is to make it closer to the form of God and cloud, thereby conveying the extended image of cloud game streaming technology, showing the intersection of humanity and technology. Its compact and solid body, supplemented by low-key and simple line decoration, can unobtrusively blend into every corner of your home.

Friendly Design for All Gamers

Through the exclusive Game Stadium, you can operate all your favorite entertainment software with only one joystick, and even integrate the MSI APP player so that you can access mobile phone games and software. There is even a set of fast slots on the motherboard that can help you easily upgrade the memory and hard disk. In addition to the AMD 5000G Series APU, the specifications also have high-speed components such as DDR4 and SSD Gen3. Every frame of cloud games can run smoothly through the latest WIFI 6E technology, allowing players to play various games without switching devices.


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