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A new generation of embedded system computer MS-9B17

MS-9B17 on-board computer system is designed with wide pressure and wide temperature. It can be applied to the on-board information communication system of various electric vehicles, trucks, buses and stackers. It can be connected to the intelligent safety driving monitoring system through PoE to improve driving. Safe, while reducing human error, it can also be used for route planning, remote connection to the central control system, etc. It is a thin and robust industrial computer. The system itself has dual-screen display functions and a variety of rich vehicle-to-transport connection interfaces.
MS-9B17 is equipped with Intel Atom™ E3950 wide temperature processor fanless system, which features high reliability and low power consumption. Various I/O and wireless expansion communication interface can be used for real-time data transmission.
The standard CANBus (Controller Area Network, CAN) of the system is a very popular communication protocol in the fields of automotive and industrial automation.
MS-9B17 supports DC power input with a wide voltage range of 12~48V, which can prevent the occurrence of overcurrent and overvoltage. It can also be equipped with a supporting power ignition system to match the characteristics of various transportation vehicles to correctly start and close the on-board system to avoid engine damage. Damage the computer and the vehicle itself when starting and stopping the engine to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. At the same time, it can operate stably and for a long time in a wide temperature range of -20~+70°C, and is suitable for use in various fields with different ambient temperature changes.

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