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OTTER gaming mousepad ︱Sustainable Series - Recycled Oyster Shell Surface

■ Eco-Friendly Material
The surface of Otter Mousepad used bio-calcium oxide powder from shell-waste, and contains no other chemicals. It is perfectly safe for users and also help reduce waste from the environment.

■ Anti-Static
Oyster-shell contains 80% of calcium carbonate and 20% light metal elements. The bio-calcium oxide can absorb moisture easily in order to have free ions to increase conductivity.

■ Anti-Odor
Bio-calcium oxide has scientifically and medically proven to be effective anti-microbial natural element. Mousepads produced with bio-calcium oxide inhibit growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi, giving them anti-odor characteristic, as well as anti-microbial quality.

■ Smooth and Comfortable Surface
Skin friendly fabric surface provides smooth glide and perfect controllability, gives extreme comfort under the wildest movement.

■ E-sport-Grade Tracking Precision
Under the comfortable and smoothing appearance, the Otter Mousepad offers high tracking precision that can rival the market’s most accurate mousepads.

■ Great Anti-Slip Power
Natural rubber base provides great anti-slip strength that prevents sliding during any possible movement.

IA91-01︱350 x 260mm


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