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SLATE mouse pad ︱ Ultra-thin Silicone Based

■ Smooth & Light Glide
The surface provides very smooth glide and great controllability, well blending of speed and control performance of your mouse that makes it ideal for any scenarios.

■ Superb Anti-Slip
The SLATE mousepad uses silicone as its base provide excellent anti-slip strength that prevents sliding under any kinds of mouse movement.

■ No More Rubbery, Chemical Smell
Unlike other natural rubber mouse pads that smell of pungent odor, The SLATE mousepad uses silicone as its material gives the mousepad a skin-friendly feature and avoid skin irritation. Super thin, lightweight and portable characteristics provides gamers with more comfort during playing or carrying around.

IA92-01︱280 x 160mm
IA92-02︱400 x 300mm


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