Product Info

Beluga Gaming Mousepad ︱ Tencel Like Touch - Recycled Fish Scales - Collagen Surface

■ Tencel Like Touch
Same texture like general type mousepad but smooth silky touch, provides the comfortable hand feeling, and it’s sublimatable!

■ E-Sport-Grade Tracking Precision
Like a wolf under sheep skin, under the smooth and soft fabric appearance, the tracking surface of the Beluga pad provides extreme tracking precision that can rival the market’s most accurate pads!

■ Skin Friendly
The fabric we used is great for sensitive skin, it not only has anti-static properties which could eliminate the electrostatic charges from fabric, but also passes the medical level of skin irritation and sensitization testing (ISO10993).

■ Eco Friendly Material
Beluga pad is made from recycle fish scales and polyester, which brings a new level of precision, comfort, and eco-friendly on mouse pad.

■ Anti-Slip Base
The base uses 100% natural rubber, providing great anti-slip strength that prevents sliding under the wildest mouse movement



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