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ASUS Business Accessories

ASUS Business Accessories
ASUS SmartO Mobile Mouse / ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock / ASUS Pen 2.0 / ASUS 100W 3-port GaN Charger

ASUS offers an extensive range of stylish business accessories that are perfect for professionals or anyone else. These include the ASUS SmartO Mobile Mouse, ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock, ASUS Pen 2.0 and ASUS 100W 3-port GaN Charger.

ASUS SmartO Mobile Mouse is tailor-made to help you work faster, better and smarter. It is meticulously crafted and has a luxurious, low-profile aesthetic with superior ergonomics to provide comfortable, effortless all-day use. With a unique elastic carrying loop and a high-performance sensor that gives it the ability to work on almost any surface, including glass, SmartO Mobile Mouse perfectly combines flexibility, style and functionality.

ASUS Dual 4K USB-C Dock is a compact, portable and stylish 5-in-1 docking station that offers dual 4K display outputs, 100W Power Delivery passthrough, 10 Gbps transfers over USB-C® and USB Type-A, and Gigabit Ethernet — empowering busy modern professionals to get connected and down to work, quickly and easily.

ASUS Pen 2.0 is the perfect companion for your compatible ASUS touchscreen devices, giving you the ability to write, draw or markup in any supported app. Built-in Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) 2.0 technology offers 4096-level pressure sensitivity, requiring just 5 grams of force to trigger the pressure sensor. The pen allows you to write if it’s tilted at an angle, and with a 266 Hz sampling rate and less than 36 ms latency, it provides unbelievably natural writing experiences.

ASUS 100W 3-Port GaN Charger is the first ASUS charger with gallium-nitride technology, and around 20% smaller than a traditional charger in its class. It’s packed with the power to simultaneously charge three devices — two via USB Type-C (USB-C) and one through USB Type-A. Wherever you travel, carry the one little charger that’s ready to juice up all your devices.

With the portable and durable ASUS SmartO Mobile Mouse and other accessories, you’re more than ready for any task at hand.

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