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ROG Rapture GT-BE98

n the past few years, ROG has been constantly creating a bunch of WiFi 6 and 6E innovations.

Today, we’re here to bring you the exciting news that we’ve all been waiting for – WiFi 7 is here, and for 2023 Best Choice Category Award, we’re breaking ground with the world’s first quad-band WiFi 7 gaming router - ROG Rapture GT-BE98!

Leveraging the full potential of WiFi 7 with 320 MHz channel support in the 6 GHz band and 4K QAM modulation that can pack more data into transmissions, peak data rates are up to 20% higher, delivering incredible speeds of up to 25,000 Mbps - up to 160% faster than the previous generation! Furthermore, additional revolutionary feature - Multi-Link Operation (MLO) allows the GT-BE98 to deliver more efficient and reliable wireless connections. *

With four frequency bands available, user also can dedicate the 6 GHz band as a mesh backhaul to enjoy the 320Mhz channels even before WiFi 7 clients hit the market.

Gamers can enjoy up to 10X faster data-transfer speeds for bandwidth-demanding tasks and flexible network port configurations with dual 10 Gbps ports and four 2.5Gbps ports. Of course, the ROG Rapture GT-BE98 also comes with loads of ASUS-exclusive features for gamers who aspire to level up to the ultimate WiFi experience. And, ROG-exclusive triple-level game acceleration enhances connections from the local network all the way to a game server anywhere in the world.

GT-BE98 offers multiple effects for a stylish vibe, enabling users to set up color and light effects freely through the GUI and ASUS router APP.

The futuristic style derived from the space shuttle also shows its strong inside, the sturdy heat plate printed with full ROG patterns can be clearly seen through from the transparent top cover.

Stay tuned for more WiFi 7 products coming from ROG and ASUS very soon!


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