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Motion Capture Apparel— ProGolf Analysis System

Motion Capture Apparel— ProGolf Analysis System is an innovative product that integrates Taiwan's electronics, textile, and startup industries. The product features a nine-axis IMU sensor and professional algorithms developed by J-mex Inc., combining advanced material integration technology with a fusion of electronic and textile technology by Nextronics Engineering Corp. The styling is overseen by MAKALOT Industrial Co., ltd., utilizing high-quality functional fabrics from Taiwan and harnessing the research and development capabilities. This innovative apparel incorporates patented "flexible, stretchable, washable, lightweight, and soft" multi-channel conductive wires and unique manufacturing processes. The result is a synergy of expertise from three professional fields, creating Taiwan's high-tech precision sportswear. In addition to the Motion Capture Apparel, a motion-based sports platform has been developed. Collaboration with domestic academic and research institutions and the U.S. Olympic coaching team has created fitness training platforms for North American universities and professional athletes. Whether a professional athlete or an amateur sports enthusiast, you can use this motion-sensing technology apparel for professional motion adjustment/tracking, fitness testing, and expert systems. We aim to provide a new digital sports technology product for sports enthusiasts and coaches worldwide.

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