Product Info


•Extremely Small Footprint
Size does matter! The B1’s extremely small footprint is perfect for small form factor builds such as HTPCs, light gaming PCs or even a LAN rig.

•Vents Incorporated in the Exquisite Streamline Design
The B1’s exterior represents our insistence on performance and aesthetics. Integrating ventilation in the design offers no compromise to form or function.

•Fan and Dust Filter Included
Strategically placed fan and dust filter provides good thermal solutions and a dust-free interior.

•AMD & Intel Ready 2
The depth of the chassis allows approximately 60mm for heatsink-clearance. Granting enough room for most AMD and Intel coolers.

•Condensed I/O
Equipped with a 2-in-1 audio/microphone jack utilizing the international CTIA standard, which is compatible with most gaming peripherals.

•Style that’s Versatile
Use the B1 to match your lifestyle! Setup Your PC vertically or horizontally! Stand it up and use it as a headphone stand!

•Preinstalled InWi

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