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High Performance 2D Imager Scanner MS852+

Delivering the superior barcode scanning performance, the new unitech MS852+ 2D barcode scanner is suitable for a wide range of markets and applications, from mobile ticketing in airports, point-of-sale system or mobile coupons in retail store to industrial purpose manufacturing scanning.

• Megapixel barcode sensor that enhances the maximum compatibility
• Support most 1D / 2D barcode on mobile screens, even damaged or poorly printed barcodes
• Support OCR, DotCode, and Digimarc barcodes
• With excellent motion tolerance design suitable to read bar code while moving
• Long lifecycle trigger design: Up to 10,000,000 times.
• Auto-switching function between trigger mode and presentation mode with its stand.
• Ultra-rugged design: IP42 and 2.1m drop spec
• Louder beeper and brighter LED indicators for easily recognizing feedbacks

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