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30-port USB Type-C Multi-Charging trolley

The 30-Port Smart USB Type-C Multi-Charging Trolley(SCMR30) is a system that can charge and manage the battery of USB Type-C smart devices (smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, wearable device...).

The 30-Port Smart USB Type-C Multi-Charging Trolley uses a sturdy cold-rolled steel plate and flexible swivel wheels to protect valuable smart devices while allowing for easy mobility, making it the perfect solution for school authorities storing smart devices. Individual USB Type-C cable trays and friendly cable layout make cable and equipment storage more convenient and easy to use.

It is also possible to monitor and manage the charging status of multiple smart devices from the public network of a large organization such as a company or school. With a 30-Port Smart USB Type-C Multi-Charging Trolley, you can easily recharge the batteries of these devices, saving labor costs significantly.


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