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Usage-Based Insurance(UBI) Design

The first UBI total solution in Taiwan, and the only one with dual hardware sensors (smartphone / OBD), dual pricing model (PAYD/PHYD), and insurance rate calculation application. By integrating driving records and fuel price prediction services, we are the InsurTech pioneer in Taiwan.

◆Online insurance calculation and application
Through the application, users are able to look up their insurance rate fluctuations (increase/decrease) instantly. Online insurance application is also available and simple.

◆Additional integration service
a. Vehicles data and diagnosis
b. Risky driving behavior alert
c. Driver behavior analysis
d. Driving information
e. Precaution, prevention, and accident handling

◆Optimized profit-making trial mechanism
a. Insurance factors threshold suggestion system
b. Insurance discount trial calculation system

◆Hardware with multiple devices
a. Smartphone
b. OBD
c. Beacon
d. DVR

◆Support dual pricing mode
a. Pay As You Drive(PAYD)
b. Pay

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