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Demand for automotive electronics and chips will continue to increase as the automotive industry moves towards achieving smart and electrified vehicles. A report by the research firm MIC reported that the growth potential of the global automotive electronics market has surpassed the growth of ICT products with a CAGR of 12% from 2022 to 2025. As more and more ICT manufacturers invest in automotive electronics, COMPUTEX 2023 will be fully charged with kinetic energy.

This week’s issue of CYBERWORLD Weekly introduces exhibitors joining the TADA Taiwan Automotive Tech Pavilion as well as 2 forum sessions on EV and smart mobility that will be held in COMPUTEX | InnoVEX 2023. We look forward to having you with us!

CYBERWORLD is operated by TCA, one of the organizers of COMPUTEX and the largest ICT industry association in Taiwan with over 4000 members.

The Next Generation EV Innovations Summit will address the major changes in demand, supply, as well as the future trends in the automotive industry. Joining the forum are speakers from Tier 1 suppliers and tech leaders from Volkswagen Group, Continental AG, Indigo Technologies, and Geotab.

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Askey 5G OBU
LIGHTSPEED 5G CPE sub 6G Gateway
SunComm SC-5003-5GR
SunComm SC-5003-5GR
SunComm SC-5003-5GR

The Asia Smart Mobility Ecosystem Forum will discuss the evolving trends of automotive electronics & semiconductors as well as their roles in the future of smart mobility. The speakers in the forum will represent major Japanese automotive and semiconductor manufacturers including SUBARU, RENESAS, and ALPS ALPINE as well as a keynote speech from ARTC.


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