Caring for the elderly and babies require specific functions to ensure adequate care; including around-the-clock monitoring, emergency alert, and more. For users, smart healthcare systems can provide not only peace of mind that their loved ones are cared for, but also convenience, privacy, and accuracy, as well as enabling early detection, rapid rescue, and other vital functions.

This week, we introduce 6 smart care products from the exhibitors joining us in COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD.

CYBERWORLD is operated by TCA, one of the organizers of COMPUTEX and the largest ICT industry association in Taiwan with over 4000 members.

With a user-friendly design for remote care facilities, the HealthHub Max features unified storage and integrated device includes a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, pulse oximeter, and much more. It supports video conferencing and a variety of vital sign measurement devices.

The system detects the distance, speed, and angle of objects through mmWave radar electromagnetic wave reflection signals for people’s stance identification. The thin, clean and lens less appearance combined with night light function is designed to put no pressure on the elderly and reduce the risk of falling in the dark.

Providing a safe, economical, effective, and convenient care plans for home care, long-term care services, nursing homes, and medical institutions; the EZcaring P1 provides home behavior analysis, sleeping posture analysis, fall detection, burglary detection, immediately emergency alert, and more.

The Smart Fall Detection System can assist medical personnel in instantly understanding the situation and effectively improve the quality of care to their patients. In addition, the system can be integrated with the medical care back-end system through an easy-to-use API, allowing customized responses to different events.

The Kebby Air S can be used for STEAM Education, Video Remote Control, Customer Reception, English Learning, Quick Temperature Measurement, and Healthcare & Long-term care. It can function as an AI home assistant; able to control home appliances, function as a smart jukebox, customized alarm, facilitate learning, and more.

With a portable baby camera and monitor, the GigaAir VM2512 includes 2-way talk functions as well as sound level adjustment & indication. It can connect to up to 4 baby monitors at the same time and record audio to a 512 GB microSD card. Connected via 2.4 G PWiFi RF, the camera is also equipped with motorized pan & tilt and includes auto-tracking functions, IR LED night vision, and more.

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