General Info
 Company Name A I Memory Corporation
 Founding Year Since 2019
 Exhibition COMPUTEX TAIPEI 1 time
 Category AI & Robotics, AI & Robotics,Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions,Mobility & Transportation,Semiconductors,Systems & Solutions
Company Info

A I Memory was established with investment from the Powerchip Group and primarily focuses on providing IC design services and applications based on the AI-in-Memory (AIM) process technology of PSMC. In response to the need to access large amounts of data and parameters for deep learning in AI, PSMC is committed to developing 3D Wafer-on-Wafer (WoW) process technology, which combines logic and DRAM to accelerate and expand memory usage efficiency. We collaborate with PSMC on the logic design of the AI Engine, the integration of high-bandwidth DRAM, and the IP of DRAM Controller to establish a 3D AI IC design service process and promote the application of AI IC, mainly for ADAS and IoT.
We have partnered with ATBS to launch an AI-based image recognition system for commercial fleet management, which integrates driver identification, object recognition, and driving assistance with ATBS’s ELD and fleet management system to improve driving safety and fleet management efficiency.