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AIM 3D AI IC Design Platform

AI computing requires a large amount and fast memory access. In order to effectively solve the problem of memory access, A I Memory cooperated with PSMC & MaxRam to develop 3D WoW integrated process technology, combined with the optimized AI Engine IP, with Computing-in -Memory method to build the most cost-effective AI IC design service platform: AIM IC Design platform. AIM provides (A) Optimized AI Engine IP with ultra-high bandwidth memory access capability, (B) Ready-for-use and flexible high bandwidth/high capacity DRAM tiles wafer for AI computing. (C) WoW 3D Intra-chip heterogeneous integration process, combining Logic and DRAM wafer by TSV-middle and Hybrid-bond methods to provide the most efficient and power-saving AI computing SoC/ASIC design service.

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