Product Introduction - Dark Flash UPMOST 850W

 Publish Date :2023/09/05

darkFlash was composed of DIY PC builders and gaming enthusiasts. Offering design and manufacturing services for cooling system, case fans to gaming chairs and desks; darkFlash offers a unique design vision to provide the best gaming experience.

darkFlash UPMOST 850W is a fully modular ATX 12V Power Supply rated at 80PLUS GOLD. It ensures high energy efficiency of up to 93% and reduces power leakage, effectively reducing maintenance cost while providing excellent energy saving and stable usage environment.

With 99% active PFC, the UPMOST 850W can provide a stable current to every component in the system. It prevents unnecessary wasted current from being converted to heat and reduces electromagnetic radiation. The UPMOST 850W is equipped with reliable high-performance switching transformers to transfer power to the output without overloading or overcurrent.

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