“Connecting AI” will be the main theme of this year’s COMPUTEX 2024 and will be joined by a total of 1500 local and international exhibitors. As companies start their digital transformation to integrate AI into their solutions or operations, the role of AI servers will be more important than before. Read our latest Special Report for our coverage on AI servers.

In this edition of our newsletter, we introduce 7 AI servers from the exhibitors joining us in COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD.

COMPUTEX 2024 is less than 6 weeks away and the exhibitor list is now online . Don’t forget to register for the event and visit the COMPUTEX 2024 exhibitor page to plan your visit to Asia’s leading B2B ICT Tradeshow!

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Many companies are aiming to achieve net-zero by 2050, which further promotes the trends of green energy, EV, and grid resilience. On March 28, we organized the Advancing Tech with Cutting Edge Energy Storage Systems Forum to introduce the trends and real-life experience on energy storage systems technology as well as its applications and related technologies.

Watch the forum video with Closed Captions ON for the English Subtitles

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