COMPUTEX 2024 is 25 days away! As the leading B2B ICT trade show, it is definitely a never-miss event. As one of the organizers, we have created 7 AI-generated images based on this year’s main theme and 6 major topics which are available for download. Everyone joining COMPUTEX are welcome to share it on their social media channels and use it to invite their partners to join COMPUTEX 2024.


The coming era of smart mobility means more advanced vehicle specific computers will be equally necessary for the automakers and expected by the users. The future of transportation is more than just electrification, but also many different developments that can create a smarter vehicle. Whether by having better hardware or even AI processing hardware, the future of mobility will have to be smarter and more reliable.

In this edition of our newsletter, we introduce 6 vehicle PCs including 3 edge AI devices from the exhibitors joining us in COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD.

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