Taiwan IoT Technology and Industry Association Pavilion

Taiwan IoT Technology and Industry Association (TwIoTA) established in December, 2016, which initiated by the CEO of Powerchip Group, Dr. Frank Huang.

The association which aims to develop the technology of Internet of Thing (IoT), combined with key components of Taiwan’s semiconductors, hardware and software, application service and IOT platforms. By cooperate with global and China, developing industrial standards and promoting Cross-Strait and global markets as to elevate Taiwan’s core competence in IoT emerging industries.

The initiator of TwIoTA assembled related field associations and industries to join in TwIoTA.

The structure of the organization was formed by six major committees: Semi-Conductors, Intelligent Vehicle & Transportation, Medical & Health Care, Future Manufacturer, Security and AI & Big Data. We assist in developing standards and industrial exchanges.

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